Today we talk to Natasha Shalfoon who helped create the amazing formula of Saint Minerals to make it clean, curated and conscious for today’s living.

With its sleek design branding and all the talk we’ve been hearing about it, we were excited to chat and find out more behind the scenes about the brand to get the inside scoop!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today Natasha! Can you tell us a little bit about mineral and chemical free makeup and why it is better for the skin?

Due to the fact that in chemical make-up it makes the skin more skin sensitivity blocks the pore opening causing skin blockages and does not allow the skin to breath , long term these can cause  disruption in the body causing cellular toxicity – Mineral and chemical free make up is like having a second skin it will always allow the skin to breath more naturally which is key for combating skin issues like acne and skin dryness plus skin sensitivity  and supporting a healthy skin and not causing cellular toxicity.

What inspired the brand Saint Minerals?

Saint minerals was created to fill the  gap in the professional market for post skin treatment and to support better results. We felt the mineral make up in general and in the professional market was lacking a persona most mineral make up ranges were quite dated in terms of packaging and ingredients and do not last long on the skin however Saint Minerals was designed to be long wearing whilst feeling like you do not  have  make up on and providing skincare benefits with the added benefit of colour.

How do you describe the style of Saint Minerals?

Modern, minimalist ,contemporary , universally accepted . Clean conscious beauty whilst restoring and healing the skin at the same time as providing the perfect base.



Tell us a little bit about behind the scenes and creating Saint Minerals formula?

We wanted to create formula base foundation that would suit every skin type and  Fitzpatrick  so we ended up  creating 5 bases  designed for  different coverages form light to full coverage without looking like you have make up on or feeling like you have make up on . I was admit that I wanted to make a mineral make up that was long lasting this is very rare to find with powerful antioxidant and truly represent an extension of skin care with colour it took to get where we are now 18months with endless trails and feedback . We are also in the development of creating dark shades we have taken our time in this as its very difficult to get darker shades right we are almost there and should be able to launch around October!

What’s the most popular product in the range?

Two stand out products the SM Liquid foundation which was created by a makeup artist for a full coverage without looking cacky and a face full of piled on make up and the BB.

What do you think is the biggest mistake clients are making with their skin & makeup?

Getting the wrong foundation base for their particular skin type and choosing the wrong colour – Older clients still tend to wear a older style make up and to much colour or eyeliner around the eyes this can make then look quite a lot older , also not balancing the skin with blusher and using  the right blusher too .. the wrong blusher can make you look a lot older and wont balance the face the younger clients tend to apply to much bronzer making them look quite orange.

What is your number 1 beauty hack?

Twisting my hair into a bun then applying the hair tie around the bun and leave it for a few minutes or overnight for instant curls! My go to on the run style ? that’s why I always have a hair tie around my wrist!!

Your go-to products for skin and makeup for you?

Lira pro lite serum is a game changer for my pigmentation and has really lighted it up a lot could not live without this product alongside the lira mystique illuminating oil . The saint Minerals Loose number 3 is my absolutely favourite the way it make my skin look hydrated luminous and I can change this from a loose to a liquid by adding the primer to it  . But the one product I cannot live with out is the SM peptide concealer!! It my everything dark circles. Puffiness, blemishes and it never looks cacky or dry around my eyes obsessed!

Which makeup trends are you loving right now?

Natural glowing luminous skin almost the minimal make up look.